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Case Study

Like most SaaS companies, Kuebix offers a pricing structure that includes both paid and unpaid ("freemium") options. They have signed up thousands of users since their launch. Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of their users are enrolled in their freemium product. Their sales team lacked the bandwidth or internal processes to successfully (and consistently) convert their growing user base to adopt their paid premium products.

Keubix offers a transportation management system with freight intelligence that enables companies to capitalize on supply chain opportunities through visibility, control and the use of predictive analytics. 

The Challenge

 “Hiring SalesRoads enabled us to exceed our conversion goals for paid users and attract the interest of major corporate clients.

SalesRoads has become an integral part of our go to market strategy."

Dave Lemont, CEO

SalesRoads was tasked with creating an inside sales team to set appointments with freemium users so that Kuebix's account managers can upgrade them to Kuebix's paid premium products.  In order to execute on this strategy SalesRoads needed to work closely with the marketing team to support their existing marketing strategy.  

The Solution

Join hundreds of companies getting sales appointments from SalesRoads.

What you can expect:

More prospects. 

More customers.

More sales. 

Zero headaches.

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