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Case Study

Parker is a Corporation Specializing in Motion & Control Technologies.  Calling location: Nationwide.

The Challenge

A full-line Parker distributor and Parker Store with multi-state locations, operates two locations in a remote area. Whilst it had gained a good foothold in the market, it wanted to grow market share by identifying new business and penetrate existing customers. 

Parker sales teams and SalesRoads’ Lead Generation team agreed with the distributor’s executives to conduct an outbound dialing campaign to help achieve these objectives. 


SalesRoads identified a total of 147 MQLs for the distributor during this campaign, estimated at approx. $2.2 million annually. Monthly monitoring of the prospects identified via the campaign is performed via sales analysis. 

The Solution

Join hundreds of companies getting sales appointments from SalesRoads.

What you can expect:

More prospects. 

More customers.

More sales. 

Zero headaches.

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