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Why settle for a simple telemarketer, when your business can be represented by a professional, experienced sales executive ? That is part of what makes SalesRoads the premier appointment setting and lead generation service available. On average, our sales executives have over 14 years of sales experience working for some of the largest companies in the country as some of their top performing sales reps.

In order to recruit our team of professional sales executives, SalesRoads has pioneered a distributed call center model which allows our executives to work from their remote offices, while still having each call monitored, recorded and analyzed for quality control purposes. As a result, we can select the best executives from across the United States, not limiting our company to a select region of talent.

Professional Accountability – Our sales executives realize that your business only has one chance to make a good first impression, and all of our agents are committed to providing your prospects with the most professional, courteous approach to appointment setting, while being able to overcome objections in order to effectively increase your businesses revenue.

The SalesRoads Sales Executive Spotlight


Sales Executive Spotlight – Glenn 
Glenn has been in sales and telemarketing for over 20 years, working first with major companies such as BellSouth and National Training Inc. and was their top ranked sales representative for 11 years straight across both companies. An intelligent businessman, Glenn decided to utilize the strength of his sales acumen and start his own recruiting firm. Relying solely on his direct sales skills, Glenn built his company into a regional powerhouse within the industry. As the economy slowed in 2007, so did Glenn ’ s business and he found himself in a position where he could not maintain his lifestyle on his company alone. Today Glenn manages his business part-time, but is more successful than ever as a SalesRoads sales executive.

Sales Executive Spotlight – Erika 
Erika has been one of our best sales executives, starting with SalesRoads in 2006. Prior to her work with us, she was an executive with Callaway Golf, a global leader manufacturing sports equipment in Carlsbad, CA. When she made the decision to start a family, Erika realized that continuously being on the road would not allow her to effectively work and raise her 2 young children. Today, Erika works from her home office while her children are at school, generating more sales from her part-time hours than most companies can expect in a full week.

Sales Executive Spotlight – Brian 
Brian has been involved in sales and management for almost 3 decades, with a focus on the advertising and marketing industry. Working in fast-paced executive environments for major media groups such as Idearc Media and Trader Publishing he honed his sales skills while maintaining his intelligent approach to customer service and executive training. Brian is now one of our biggest producing executives on our appointment setting team.

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