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Key SDR Outsourcing Features

3X Industry Standard Training

A Complete Outsourced Team 

The Most Experience in the Industry 

Out SDRs undergo 3x the industry standard training, ensuring we represent your business with the same depth of knowledge as an internal team.

An inside sales team is more than just SDRs. From a complete team of data and research specialists, to coaching and team management, we provide you with a complete team to ensure the greatest results.

SalesRoads has 11+ years of demonstrated demand generation experience. Not only that, but our SDRs have an average 14+ years of sales and appointment setting experience.

Multi-Channel Approach

Sales is different today than it was even 5 years ago. That’s why we create comprehensive outreach strategies that ensure consistent messaging across channels including phone, email, and LinkedIn.

The Data Behind Our Outreach

Every good campaign starts with a good prospect list. Don’t settle for less than a top-notch data team. We build lists that are 98% proficient, ensuring our SDRs are targeting the right people, at the right businesses.

14 Days to Launch 

We understand the importance of delivering quick results. That’s why we are able to get your campaign up and going in just 14 business days.

SDR Outsourcing FAQ

SDR stands for Sales Development Representative. An SDR is an inside sales representative responsible for the front end of the sales process often referred to as the top of the sales funnel. SDRs specialize in outbound prospecting into targeted prospects, generating interest, and then qualifying them for an introductory appointment with an Account Executive (AEs). SDRs are primarily responsible for generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and booking appointments instead of closing business, which results in signed contracts or monies paid. An SDRs quota is usually based upon the number of qualified meetings they book.

Companies often divide the sales role between SDRs and AEs to allow for specialization and, when done right, usually leads to increased sales and productivity in each function. AEs will take the introductory appointments set by the SDR and then move them through the sales funnel all the way to close. An AEs quota is usually based on the number of deals, gross profit, or revenue sold.

Some companies use the terms SDRs and Business Development Representatives (BDRs) interchangeably. But increasingly we have seen SDRs focusing on outbound prospecting whereas the BDR role is more focused on the qualification of inbound leads generated by marketing programs.

Why Outsource Your SDRs

Skyrocket Results

We understand the importance of delivering results that drive a profit. Don’t settle for sub-par appointments that fail to generate an ROI.

Free Your Time

We’re not just talking about the time your executives spend prospecting. Free your entire organization from the burden of recruiting, interviewing, training, and managing an internal SDR team.

Slash Overhead

Everything from employee turnover to the cost of office space can quickly tank the ROI of an internal SDR team. Fix your costs and drive profit with an outsourced team.

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Don’t let a lack of new business opportunities create unnecessary stress.SalesRoads frees your team from the constant grind of generating new opportunities by creating a high-performing pipeline that allows your team to close more deals than you ever imagined!

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