1. The B2B Consumer Has Been Amazon-ized  – Bob Perkins, AA-ISP
    • Everything we do in our interactions with customers needs to be easy, quick & personalized.
  2. The Use Of Video Is Up 32% In The Last 3 Years –  Bob Perkins, AA-ISP
    • We should be thinking about how we can use video in our interactions with prospects, clients, and colleagues to facilitate better conversations.
  3. Self-Awareness Is The Number One Predictor Of Your Career Success – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching
    • 95% of people think they are self-aware but only 5-15% really are!  It is these blind spots that can cripple your success.
  4. Build Psychological Safety Within Your Team – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching
    • If you don’t have psychological safety you are not going to have a high performing team.
    • How Do You Build Psychological Safety?
      • Be open and honest with your team when you mess up!
      • Use your mistakes to show the team how to be open, honest and vulnerable.
  5. Get Accurate Information By Truth Telling – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching
    • Ask your employees how they would rate your relationship on a scale from 1-10 and then how you can move it to closer to a 10.
    • Through this exercise you know how the other person is feeling and, if needed, you can do something to improve your relationship.

  1. Tell People You Value Them – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching
    • Tell each person on your team  “I value you because…”
    • Performance goes up 30% if one person on the team says why they value that person.
  2. How To Give Negative Feedback – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching
    • It has been found that feedback is 40% more effective by prefacing it with the statement:  “I’m giving you these comments because I have very high expectations and I know that you can reach them.”
  3. Support That Works – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching
    • “How can I best support you?”
                 Instead of…
    • “If there is something I can do for you, let me know?” or “Is there anything I can do for you?”
  4. Create KPIs For Coaching Kelly Spencer, Factor 8
    • Have KPIs on the number of coaching sessions (e.g.,  Of Coaching Sessions vs Expected Coaching Sessions) 
  5. Have The Agent Own The Coaching Session
    • Reps should fill out the coaching form in preparation for a coaching session identifying what they want to work on and their key metrics.

  1. How Do We Coach The Coach? – Richard Ortega, Amenity Analytics
    • Have the manager of the coach conduct the coaching session with the agent.  The coach just watches, listens and learns.
  2. The Impact Of Training Needs To Be Quantified.  – John Healy, Factor 8
    • Start with determining what you are trying to solve with training.
    • Then KPIs can be identified in order to monitor the effectiveness of the training.
  3. Connect The Work to a Higher Purpose – Kelly Spencer, Factor 8
    • At SunRun, the CEO always said their mission was “to create a planet run by the sun.”  This was very powerful and motivating for the sales team to know as they sold for SunRun.
  4. OKRs Are A Great Way To Align Your Team Around What Is Important At Your Organization — Evan Muffenbier, Fairway America
  5. Have Morning “RA RA”s – Kelly Spencer, Factor 8
    • It is motivating to have everyone have a morning “RA RA.” It gets people excited, aligned and learning.
      • Have a cheer or clap!
      • Call out successes
      • Share learnings or a tip from the day before!
  6. Use 3X Rule When It Comes Evaluating New Technology. – Brad Roderick, InkCycle
    • Always Ask 3 Questions:
      • Can It Replace Something Else?
      • Will It Integrate Easily?
      • Will It Give Us More Selling Time?

David Kreiger is the Founder and President of SalesRoads, a business-to-business appointment setting, lead generation and sales outsourcing company. He has been named as one of The Most Influential Leaders in Sales & Lead Management by the SLMA the last four years in a row. David has lead SalesRoads through significant growth and the company was twice listed on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies. David is consulted by some of the largest and fastest growing companies to help their organizations accelerate their sales through proactive teleprospecting.

David has been featured in Fortune Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor and CNN/Money Magazine. David holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from The Wharton School.