Appointment setting services

Simplify your pipeline with prequalified meetings for your team to close.

Reach more decision makers

You don’t have time to chase down prospects. Connect directly with interested buyers who have the authority to move forward.

Uniquely qualified opportunities

Not every prospect is a good fit. We eliminate the guesswork so you can focus on closing the right deals.

Case study: Bid Retriever

“SalesRoads made every effort to look at our process & to improve how we move people from prospects, to opportunities, to eventual Sales.”

— Cliff Brewis, Co-Founder

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Appointment Setting Features

Phone based methodology

Other firms generate leads with landing pages, email blasts, and off-shore agents. This creates a high volume of unqualified leads and confuses your buyer.

Industry Insight

Our appointment setting campaigns pull back the curtain on your sales pipeline. We'll identify your best buyers so you can realize sales success long after our campaign ends.

3x industry standard training

Your team undergoes extensive training on your product, marketplace, and buyer personas. They’re also directly managed by a sales coach to keep them at peak performance.

Bespoke prospect lists

Your prospect list is made for your campaign. We never recycle data or ask your reps to waste time verifying records as other firms do.

Daily reporting

Outsourcing is a big decision. Whatever reporting you need to feel in control, we’ll deliver it.

Veteran sales reps

If selling your product was easy, you wouldn’t be here. You need savvy executives who’ve made a career out of appointment setting. Those are the people we hire for your campaign.

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A lack of new business opportunities shouldn’t create unnecessary stress. We’ll create opportunities, you close deals.