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Case Study: $585,000 pipeline generated for Snappet.

Case Study: Snappet

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We welcomed James Dress, VP of Sales for Snappet, on our third case story interview.

Snappet was an adaptive learning platform based out of Spain, and James was tasked with creating a foothold in the local US education market.

James shared his experience with SalesRoads in the video below:


Founded in 2012, Snappet is an adaptive e-learning platform that facilitates individualized learning for classrooms of any size. With more than 350,000 students enrolled across seven countries, mainly in Europe, Snappet launched into the American market in 2019.

The Challenge

Despite a strong foothold in Europe, penetrating the American public education market proved difficult. Problems connecting with decision-makers at the school level prevented Snappet from generating sufficient opportunities for their Account Executives.

The Solution

  • Found break-through strategy to get past gatekeepers and connect directly with key decision-makers.
  • Established and managed an SDR team to generate face-to-face meetings with Principals, Vice Principals, and Math Coordinators.
  • Enriched & verified original database of key decision-makers at the school level via calling efforts.
  • Created a demand generation playbook that included a profile of their best customers and strategic calling approaches.
  • Utilized email marketing and LinkedIn outreach to further generate interest and create brand awareness.


By developing a breakthrough methodology for bypassing school gatekeepers, SalesRoads was able to generate 117 in-person product demos with key decision-makers across four states.

"Because SalesRoads has an entirely remote team, they can attract even more high-quality talent."

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