Advanced Prospecting Intel

Focus on leads that convert. Phone-verified SQLs to fuel your sales team

How it Works

Step 1


Together, we identify the traits that make your prospects most likely to convert

Step 2


We call your prospects to assess if they match those traits

Step 3

Follow Up

Your team follows up armed with critical info they need to close the deal

Why it works: we find prospects are more open to discussing their pains when not asked to commit to a meeting. This allows us to uncover critical information we then share with your sales team to leverage during a follow-up.

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Phone-verified SQLs

We make client acquisition easy by calling your prospects for a tailored SQL assessment to determine if they are a good fit for your solution.

Target your outreach

Armed with critical intel from our prospect-fit SQL assessments, your team can prioritize the leads most likely to convert.

Case Study: Parker Hannifin

“The campaigns have been extremely successful.”
J. McGowen, Global Lead Gen Mgr.
MQLs Identified

About SQL Development

Custom Prospect-Fit Assesments

Imagine your prospect answers and you already know their pain points, decision-making structure, and timeline to implement a solution. You know all this info because we called them last week for a prospect-fit assessment.

Examples of propsecting intel

  • Current solution
  • Pain points
  • Decision-making authority
  • Purchase timeline
  • Solution gaps
  • Price tolerance
  • DM influencers
  • Current tools
  • Whatever you need to know


The same phone-powered methodology we use for out appointment setting service ensures our SQLs are the industry’s most accurate.

Easy follow-up

The final question in an SQL assessment is asking about follow-up interest. This creates an “in” for you to leverage during your outreach.

Bespoke calling lists

Your calling list is custom-made for your project to guarantee timely and powerful results.

Accelerated results

Prospects tend to be more forthcoming when you don’t ask for an immediate appointment. You can expect a higher volume of SQLs (compared to set appointments) for this reason.

Sales-generated SQLs are 3X more likely to convert than marketing-generated MQLs

Who is this right for?

SQL development campaigns are best for these kinds of organizations

  • Larger sales teams
  • Active account execs
  • Longer sales cycle
  • Unique differentials
  • Refined value prop
  • Hard-to-uncover qualifications