Advanced Prospecting Intel

We uncover hard-to-reach data & analytics to unlock the power to grow your business.

Phone-verified MQLs

We make client acquisition easy by calling your prospects for a tailored SQL assessment to determine if they are a good fit for your solution.

Target your outreach

Armed with critical intel from our prospect-fit SQL assessments, your team can prioritize the leads most likely to convert.

Case study: Parker Hannifin

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with SalesRoads over the course of several years now, and have found them to be tremendously accommodating. I recommend SalesRoads to anyone looking for a true sales partnership with a talented team of professionals.”

J McGowen, Lead Gen Mgr.

MQLs Identified
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About SQL Development

Custom Prospect-Fit Assessments

Imagine your prospect answers and you already know their pain points, decision-making structure, and timeline to implement a solution. You know all this info because we called them last week for a prospect-fit assessment.


The same phone-powered methodology we use for our appointment setting service ensures our SQLs are the industry’s most accurate.

Easy follow-up

The final question in an SQL assessment is asking about follow-up interest. This creates an “in” for you to leverage during your outreach.

Bespoke prospect lists

Your prospect list is made for your campaign. We never recycle data or ask your reps to waste time verifying records as other firms do.

Daily reporting

Outsourcing is a big decision. Whatever reporting you need to feel in control, we’ll deliver it.

Accelerated results

Prospects tend to be more forthcoming when you don’t ask for an immediate appointment. You can expect a higher volume of SQLs (compared to set appointments) for this reason.

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