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Case Study: Protecht

Case Study: The Protecht Group

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We welcomed Terence Lee, the Vice President of Risk for North America, on our fourth case story interview. He shared the overview of their program with SalesRoads and answered our questions:


The Protecht Group is a software and advisory company specializing in enterprise risk management. With their roots in Sydney, Australia, and having been in the industry for over 22 years, Protecht has expanded their presence with offices in London and Los Angeles. Terence Lee, the Vice President of Risk for North America, was tasked with building the North American operation, which involved hiring for all functional roles, capturing market share, and overall business development.


Entering a new market, especially one as competitive as North America, posed significant challenges for Protecht. The primary concern was generating leads and building a robust sales pipeline in a timely manner. They needed to demonstrate to their stakeholders and investors that they could successfully penetrate new markets. The challenge was further compounded by the need for brand awareness, as Protecht was relatively unknown in the North American market despite their long-standing presence in Australia.


Terence Lee decided to collaborate with SalesRoads to expedite their lead generation process. SalesRoads was chosen for its consistent track record, especially with SaaS companies. They not only focused on booking discovery calls but also ensured that these calls were qualified, leading to productive interactions. Over time, SalesRoads became an integral part of Protecht’s strategy, even taking over inbound lead management, which they executed more effectively than their internal team.


SalesRoads’ involvement led to a consistent generation of discovery calls, which became a key metric for Protecht’s executive team. Their success was so pronounced that Protecht restructured their internal team, allocating more resources to SalesRoads. Beyond just booking calls, SalesRoads also played a pivotal role in other marketing initiatives, such as building registration lists for roadshows and live events. Their demand generation playbook became the gold standard for Protecht, guiding their inside sales activities globally.

  • 237 appointments set for Protecht

"The engagement with SalesRoads has been one of the most effective and rewarding partnerships that the company has ever done. They perform well, they're easy to work with, and they always have transparency around their data and performance. It's truly a really effective strategic partnership."

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