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A Methodology That Adapts to Your Business

We leverage our 15+ years of deep experience to uncover an outreach approach that fits your business.

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Finding What Works For Your Business

We don’t have a single outreach approach. We use front-line data to find an approach that drives sustainable results for your business.

Step One


A comprehensive understanding of your business, goals, marketplace, and challenges empower us find an approach that actually works for your business.

Step Two


We don’t have a template for building your sales program. We have 15+ years of experience informing the strategy for your campaign.

Step Three


We believe in results-measured testing. We send our initial strategy live and listen for important feedback from our SDRs and campaign metrics.



We accelerate your campaign strategy as we iterate with new approaches informed by our initial outreach and results.

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Outreach Approach

More Conversations With Decision Makers


Unlike other firms, our list-building process identifies key decision-makers prior to outreach to accelerate results.


Your specialized research team conducts a thorough verification via LinkedIn to maximize the chance of connecting with the right prospect — and minimize the wasted time of contacting the wrong prospect.


Once your SDR has confirmed they are reaching the right party, they will initiate a multi-touch, multi-channel approach to set an appointment with your decision-maker.


After a rest period to let the prospect cool, your SDR may reengage a prospect to ensure no opportunity goes missed.

Contact Approach FAQ

We use a combination of phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn. Our main outreach channels are phone and email, and we use LinkedIn for research and validation. 

We use LinkedIn for research and validation purposes only. The biggest reason is the risk your LinkedIn account could be suspended or banned.

Other reasons we choose to use LinkedIn for research only.

  1. Connecting with your prospect to fast-pitch them on your product creates a horrible impression for yourself and your business (the so-called “connect-and-pitch”).
  2. Using automated tools to accelerate this spammy approach introduces the risk your account could be suspended or banned.
  3. Although many business transactions happen through LinkedIn, social selling is a long-term strategy closer to marketing and requires you post high-impact content to nurture your audience over time. Our clients need quick results and we don’t believe this is the best use of your SDR’s time. 

Ultimately, we create positive brand impressions for your business and don’t buy into spammy tactics even if they’re temporarily fashionable.

The number of touches varies campaign by campaign, but generally between 7 and 15 touches before resting a lead. However our SDRs have the discretion to keep prospects in their pipeline indefinitely if they believe the lead is close to an appointment.

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A lack of new business opportunities shouldn’t create unnecessary stress. We’ll create opportunities, your sales team closes deals.

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Ready to grow?

A lack of new business opportunities shouldn’t create unnecessary stress. We’ll create opportunities, your sales team closes deals.