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541 MQLs Identified

Parker Hannifin

“I recommend SalesRoads to anyone looking for a true sales partnership with a talented team of professionals.”

J. McGowen, Global Lead Gen Manager

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1,060 Meetings Schedulued

Clean Energy

“Before them, we used to book an average of 16 meetings per month, now we are averaging 83 meetings per month.”

Chris Larson, Sales Director

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966 Demos Schedlued


“SalesRoads enabled us to exceed our conversion goals and attract the interest of major corporate clients.”

Dave Lemont, CEO

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1,117 Demos Schedlued

Bid Retriever

“SalesRoads made every effort to look at our process & to improve how we move people from prospects, to opportunities, to eventual Sales.”
Cliff Brewis, Co-Founder
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Clients Feedback

James Dress headshot
James Dress VP Sales

"Because SalesRoads has an entirely remote team, they can attract even more high-quality talent."

J. McGowen Global Lead Generation

“The campaigns have been extremely successful.”

John Graham Business Development

“They were very professional and results-oriented. They always had our best interests in mind.”

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