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Case Study: 5,000+ opportunities identified for Beneflex.

Case Study: Beneflex

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On October 20, 2014, New York City Mayor De Blasio, signed the NYC Transit Ordinance, Local Law 53 (Intro 295-A). This ordinance required New York City employers with 20 or more full-time, non-union employees to offer pre-tax transit benefits.


Beneflex, one of the most established Transit Reimbursement Plan administrators was looking to call all NYC businesses who needed to comply with the legislation. However, there are thousands of businesses in New York City that were either under 20 employees or already had transit plans. Beneflex only wanted to prospect into companies that were noncompliant with Local Law 53.


In order for SalesRoads to reach out to businesses in the NYC area to find qualified leads with 20 or more employees who did not currently have a Transit Reimbursement Plan, a two-part plan was created. First, SalesRoads developed a data strategy to find companies with a 50% or higher likelihood of noncompliance. Next, SalesRoads developed a robust calling strategy to generate and qualify each organization.


Developed database of 5,000+ opportunities for Beneflex administrators to engage for enrollment.

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