Case Study: $1.25mm pipeline generated in 15 weeks for Layfield.

Case Study: Layfield

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The Layfield Group is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of geosynthetics & industrial fabrics. During the initial growth and popularity of the hydraulic fracturing process, Layfield Group realized the need to bolster their sales team’s efforts with qualified opportunities to establish market share in a rapidly expanding industry. Additionally, since there was a significant overlap in their prospects’ needs and product applications, whichever company they selected would need to be fluent in all of their product lines.


Previous outsourcing efforts had been unsuccessful because their vendors could not completely internalize their expansive product line, nor were they able to successfully convey the multiple potential applications for each product.

In the summer of 2012, the Layfield Group chose to partner with SalesRoads with the hopes of having a better experience. We immediately began to immerse ourselves in product knowledge, learning both the
technical aspects and value drivers for each of their products—hundreds in all targeting dozens of industry verticals. To ease the burden and maximize results, Sales Roads opted for a tiered roll-out of calls. This ensured that our team would be delivering value to prospects while also maintaining the expected client experience.


Calls launched officially in June, focusing on their oil & gas products, and environmental protection solutions. The initial 3 weeks of the partnership saw opportunity numbers that exceeded the client’s expectations—nearly 30% more opportunities, including some of the largest players in the oil & gas field like Exxon/Mobil and Marathon Oil.

On the shoulders of that success, not only was SalesRoads asked to speed up the growth of the inside sales team, but to also expand more rapidly to offer our inside sales solutions to clients in their mining divisions as well. As was the case with our initial efforts, SalesRoads was able to consistently exceed Layfield Group’s expectations, while growing the programs faster than anticipated.

The secret behind our unique ability to scale success lies in SalesRoads’ recruiting & training methodologies. Leveraging topgrading techniques (a recruit and retention technique used by many of the Fortune 500), SalesRoads is able to activate current agents on a project, or quickly screen, recruit, employ and retain top-tier sales talent for any client’s specific needs. Once an agent is activated & dedicated to a client’s project, they are taken through one of the most robust training solutions in the industry.

Our goal is to allow our agents to speak intelligently about a myriad of products, services, and solutions that a given client has to offer. After the initial training is completed, SalesRoads develops and maintains a continuing education program to maximize the product knowledge and skillset of each agent assigned to your project.


  • $1,250,000 pipeline generated in 15 weeks
  • 196 appointments booked in the first 3 weeks

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