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Case Study: Rapid growth in client base and numerous contract renewals for Revel.

Case Study: Revel Systems

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The leading provider of iPad-based Point of Sale (POS) systems was looking to augment its lead generation efforts. When Revel contacted SalesRoads, the company had just raised several million dollars in financing to rapidly grow the use of their POS system product in thousands of restaurants and retailers across the US.


Revels’ goal was to have qualified discovery calls set up with the company’s sales representatives. SalesRoads had two main goals:

  1. Build interest in the iPad POS systems and effectively communicate how the product would have a positive impact on a prospect’s organization.
  2. Convince business owners to speak to Revel Sales Representative about implementing a new POS, or more commonly, to speak about changing their current/existing POS altogether.


SalesRoads developed a customized appointment setting strategy and robust list of restaurants and retailers throughout the United States. The SalesRoads Sales Development Rep (SDR) team proactively called 30,000 restaurants and retailers nationwide, targeting owners to conduct intelligent discovery calls. On these calls, SalesRoads SDRs probed to learn about prospects’ pain points so they could then educate the prospect on how Revel’s iPad POS could greatly benefit their employees and customers. Also, because the restaurant and retail owners are very busy, SalesRoads created a warm transfer system to transfer interested prospects directly to Revel Sales Reps so they could engage with “hot” opportunities immediately.


  • Complete customer satisfaction resulting in numerous contract renewals.
  • Rapid growth in Revel’s client base throughout the country, developing a robust residual income stream.
  • Prospecting into restaurants specifically: We averaged 1.5 appts per day. 2,392 warm transfers & appts in total.
  • Prospecting into retail specifically: We averaged 2 appts per day. 1,359 warm transfers & appts in total.

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