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Case Study: CrewHu

Case Study: CrewHu

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We welcomed Stephen Spiegel, the CEO of CrewHu, in our latest case study interview. He shared the overview of their program with SalesRoads and answered our questions:


CrewHu is a SaaS company specializing in customer satisfaction and employee recognition services. Their niche focus targets managed service providers looking to improve customer satisfaction processes and create a culture of employee recognition to differentiate themselves from competitors. Their primary goal is to attract a large number of prospects for their team to conduct demos and discovery calls, ensuring the potential clients are a suitable fit.


Prior to partnering with SalesRoads, CrewHu primarily generated leads through event marketing, specifically at industry conferences. They would set up booths, secure speaking spots, and employ various strategies to attract potential clients to their booth. While effective, the cost of acquisition through this method was higher than desired. This strategy was not only costly but also limited in scope. 

CrewHu needed to diversify their lead generation strategy to fuel their sales model. The goal was simple but pivotal: arrange a higher number of demos and discovery calls to identify the right fit for their services.

Stephen Spiegel, CrewHu’s CEO, knew that putting the right prospects in front of his sales team would lead to a 40% closing rate on those demos. However, the challenge laid in generating a consistent flow of quality leads without incurring high management and experimentation costs.


CrewHu recognized that managing SDRs in-house would be costly, time-consuming, and might involve a lot of trial and error. Outsourcing this task to SalesRoads seemed like a more efficient approach. 

SalesRoads’ team spent hours with Stephen to fully comprehend who their ideal customer was, their value proposition, and their unique selling points. As a result, they developed a comprehensive sales playbook tailored to CrewHu’s business needs. This playbook became an invaluable asset for CrewHu, even beyond their partnership with SalesRoads.


The collaboration allowed CrewHu to diversify their lead sources, reducing their cost of acquisition and setting them on a path for more sustainable growth.

With SalesRoads as their “VP of outbound,” CrewHu managed to shift focus from managing lead generation to closing deals. The lead generation process was notably optimized to the point where their sit rate increased to 85%, meeting their target. Stephen could feel a lot lighter as the CEO thanks to the expert management and insights provided by SalesRoads.

  • 196 appointments, 201 warm transfers — A total of 397 appts set for CrewHu

"Our success is your success, and you guys understand that. SalesRoads isn't just an outsourced vendor; they feel like an extension of our internal sales team. Their expertise in optimizing the SDR process is invaluable, making them not just appointment setters but true partners in growth."

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