Case Study: 170 Appointments Set for InnSure.

Case Study: InnSure

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InnSure’s mission is to foster innovation in insurance; a lot of what they do is related to helping the insurance industry address climate change. They typically support innovation initiatives, connect companies with startups and entrepreneurs, and help them engage in external ecosystems.

The Challenge

As a relatively new organization, InnSure was trying to get senior leaders in the insurance industry to explain what they do and who they are.

The Solution

InnSure initially explained their business to SalesRoads’ team and worked together to create a script to explain who they are and what they do. SalesRoads did cold calls for Innsure to set appointments, worked on the people’s profiles and positions Innsure wanted to engage with to create target lists. Ultimately, the goal was to get companies to sponsor and work with InnSure.

They supplied a few names and worked with SalesRoads’ team over the weeks to fine-tune how SalesRoads was filtering the target list. Additionally, SalesRoads engaged in email outreach.


  • Reviewed the call list, call activity, and how often they connected and converted to an appointment on a weekly basis.
  • Drastically improved the calls-to-close ratio and the quality of the appointments.
  • Ranked when the people SalesRoads reached were the type of people InnSure was looking for.

"The quality of contacts was like no other, so we had to do less work with SalesRoads than with other solutions."

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