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Case Study: 587 partnerships identified for MARTA.

Case Study: Marta

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The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA is the principal public transport operator in the Atlanta metropolitan area. MARTA had developed a partnership program for companies where their employees could purchase discounted monthly transit passes while enjoying the benefit of reduced payroll taxes from this flexible spending program.


MARTA wanted to rapidly grow the number of companies and employees enrolled in this partnership program. MARTA had some limited marketing initiatives but none of these programs generated a tremendous increase in monthly passes sold.


In October of 2016, MARTA partnered with SalesRoads as their sales outsourcing provider. SalesRoads was asked to call every Atlanta business with over 25 employees and within a quarter-mile radius of a MARTA station. The goal was to sign them up for the MARTA Partnership Program. SalesRoads developed a robust program including a calling list, training, a sales approach with scripts, rebuttals and a sales management and quality assurance process.


  • SalesRoads identified 587 partnership opportunities for MARTA
  • MARTA extended its contract with SalesRoads to continue this program on a yearly basis, making SalesRoads their sole outsourced appointment service provider for their Partnership Program.

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