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Case Study: Strong ROI generated with a comprehensive database for Pantheon.

Case Study: Pantheon Website Management Platform

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SalesRoads partnered with a privately held website management company offering high/performance hosting for Drupal and WordPress sites with expert support from developers, enhanced security, and innovative technology. The company was successfully growing its business but had exhausted its ability to identify new potential prospects. They enlisted the help of SalesRoads to identify new leads, and then do a combination of web and survey research to uncover the potential of those leads. They also asked SalesRoads to clean up their current database through the same surveying and research process.


The goal of the campaign was twofold: To identify new prospects, clean up their current data list to replace out-of-date information, find some new contacts, and find a deeper level of information on both sets of leads, old and new.


Using the existing list of leads as a suppression list, the SalesRoads data analysis team was asked to clean up the existing list with updated information, and identify over 10,000 contacts for new leads based on specific parameters. Our approach was the combined effort of man and machine; SalesRoads utilized the latest scrubbing technologies to update leads, and a proprietary program to sweep the web for fresh, up-to-date information.

The same web/scraping process was used to identify new companies beyond the existing lead list, providing key names and contact information for those companies.

While the data analysis team hunted for new leads, our calling team dialed through a list of companies provided by our partner. Our challenge was to identify key decision makers, skillfully maneuver past gatekeepers, and learn about the prospect company: what content management system they were using, how many developers they had, who they used for hosting, and more, through a survey approach. As they became available, we followed the same surveying process for those new leads.

After we completed going through and surveying those contacts that we were able to reach, our partner requested that we move into doing some qualifying research via the web for any companies we were not able to reach. Our research team worked closely with our partner to develop an efficient research approach using available data on social media and other websites.


  • Complete customer satisfaction.
  • A comprehensive database with updated information.
  • A more detailed calling list that is prioritized by opportunities to increase sales opportunities.
  • Strong ROI on the improved list.

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