Case Study: 361 appointments scheduled for Unishippers.

Case Study: Unishippers

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This company is the largest reseller of package, parcel, and freight logistics services in the United States, doing over $310M in sales in 2008 alone. In the business world, freight is extremely competitive with businesses fighting and sparring for business wherever they can find it. Because of this, business owners and shipping managers are inundated with calls from logistics companies every day, promising better service and lower prices.


SalesRoads was called in to produce results from coast to coast. The challenge was to break through to the decision-maker and set an appointment. The strategy included distancing the client from the competition and status quo as well as implementing a rock-solid value proposition. Our agents made this a tremendously successful campaign, and the numbers speak for themselves.


Studied markets thoroughly before targeting businesses, then implemented stringent lead qualification process through training. Developed call procedures and sales strategies for Unishippers Tacoma to make the transition as turn-key as possible.


  • 361 appointments booked
  • Created new business prospects in the highly lucrative LTL Freight segment
  • Lowered cost per appointment 20% compared to internal team

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