Case Study: Sales increased by over 250% for Safecor Health.

Case Study: Safecor Health

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The nation’s largest FDA-registered provider of unit/dose barcode repackaging services wanted to target every hospital and pharmacy across the United States to introduce their service and generate new customers.


Even as a 40-year-old company, the organization did not have the inside sales resources, processes, or management to conduct a robust outreach to its target market. Instead, their outside sales closers did their own prospecting. This was an inefficient, expensive, and poor use of their skills and talents. 


By partnering with SalesRoads, their sales team could fully focus on its strengths by closing deals. SalesRoads conducted all of the initial outreach, generated interest, and set appointments for the outside sales representatives.


  • The client was able to rapidly increase their year-over-year sales by over 250%.
  • The SalesRoads campaign cost-effectively increased their already large market share.

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