Case Study: 96 meetings booked for Shell.

Case Study: Shell


Ten Percent of America’s roads are in desperate need of repair which represents billions of $ of needed preservation. Shell was having difficulty trying to reach those Right Party Contacts at DOT locations across the US to introduce their product Tixophalte, a water-insoluble cold applied crack sealant product used throughout Europe for the past 40 years, for roads and roofing. 

Shell’s requirement was connecting to these decision-makers in the SLED Market, primarily at the state, city & county level responsible for “crack sealing” in-house or by contractor, to introduce Tixophalte to the US Market.

The Solution

SalesRoads built a comprehensive appointment setting program not only identifying, targeting, and scheduling meetings with the right decision-makers throughout America, but also educating those decision-makers about the benefits and value of using Tixophalte.

Key Results

  • 12 Week Pilot Program
  • 95 Appointments Scheduled
  • Over 30 Appointments Set Per Month 

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