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Case Study: $6,134,400 Pipeline Generated For AchieveIt

Case Study: AchieveIt

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We welcomed Amanda Cyr, Government Market Director and Team Lead at AchieveIt, to our second case story interview.

She shared the overview of their program with SalesRoads and answered our questions:


AchieveIt, a cloud-based software provider, helps organizations track and execute their strategic plans more efficiently. Despite having a valuable product, the company faced challenges in prospecting and growing their pipeline. In this case study, we explore how SalesRoads has helped AchieveIt overcome these challenges and achieve success in the government market.


Amanda Cyr struggled to balance the conflicting priorities of prospecting new opportunities while closing existing deals in the pipeline. The manual and tedious process of client outreach left her feeling frustrated, with limited bandwidth to focus on strategic planning.


To address this issue, AchieveIt decided to partner with SalesRoads. They chose SalesRoads over other firms due to its in-house training, focus on culture, and commitment to building strong relationships. SalesRoads provided AchieveIt with a dedicated team of SDRs and a customized playbook that allowed them to target the right clients and generate more leads.


  • $6,134,400 pipeline generated
  • $216,000+ ARR generated
  • 284 appointments set
  • 10 deals closed to date (and counting)

Since partnering with SalesRoads, AchieveIt has experienced tremendous success. Amanda’s pipeline has grown 2-3 times, and she has been able to close 10 deals directly attributed to SalesRoads’ efforts. 

Many of these accounts have successfully completed case studies for AchieveIt, demonstrating the high caliber of clients SalesRoads has brought on board. By not only identifying potential clients, but also securing those who have proven to be valuable partners, SalesRoads has had a substantial impact on AchieveIt’s success.

In addition to the increase in pipeline and closed deals, AchieveIt has found value in SalesRoads’ relationships and their commitment to the partnership. The SalesRoads team is responsive and attentive, readily adapting to feedback and making adjustments when necessary.

The strong relationship between AchieveIt and SalesRoads is exemplified by the successful handoff between the SalesRoads SDRs and Amanda. The SDRs are communicative, diligent, and always looking for feedback to improve their outreach. Their dedication has provided valuable insights, such as identifying key contacts and titles within target organizations.

SalesRoads has also helped AchieveIt refine its lead generation strategy. In addition to outbound prospecting, AchieveIt relies on inbound marketing, face-to-face conferences, and partner referrals for lead generation. Compared to these other methods, outbound prospecting has proven to be more effective for closing deals in the government market.


By partnering with SalesRoads, AchieveIt has overcome the challenges of limited time and resources in growing its pipeline. The company has experienced significant growth in both pipeline and closed deals and has established strong relationships with valuable clients. With SalesRoads’ support, AchieveIt continues to make a positive impact on organizations seeking efficient strategic planning solutions.

"It's great to know I'm always going to have a full week of meetings on my calendar. My pipeline is always going to grow. And if I have to close a deal, another one is short behind because Salesroads will help me get there."

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