Case Study: $780,000 pipeline generated for Cadsourcing.

Case Study: Cadsourcing

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Architectural firms often have times of feast and famine and are hesitant to hire a lot of in-house drafters in leaner times, which can leave them in the lurch when they suddenly get spikes in workload.   Cadsourcing is the only provider that can provide 20 drafters to a project at a moment’s notice, shortening project ramp-up times, and increasing revenue.

Cadsourcing was among the largest telecom drafting service provider in the U.S. and reached out to SalesRoads because they needed help in identifying and connecting with Architectural Firms that were working in the telecom space (like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint).  They had a list, but the list wasn’t specific enough to their target, and they had no way of knowing who was a true target, and their team was stretched for time.

The Solution

SalesRoads’ operations team put together a campaign-specific research approach to cleanse the data.  The program management team put together an approach for Sales Development Representatives to go through the cleansed data and further qualify companies and turned those conversations into pipeline.


  • 69 Appointments Scheduled From Targeted ICP
  • 48% of Appts Booked Became a Pipeline Opportunity
  • Generated over $780,000 in Pipeline During Initial Pilot

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