Case Study: SaaS Platform for Sub-Contactors

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“SalesRoads made every effort to look at our process & to improve how we move people from prospects, to opportunities, to eventual Sales.”

Cliff Brewis, Co-Founder

Key Results:


Demos Scheduled


Contacts Initiated

Service: Appointment Setting 

Industry: SaaS, Construction

Background: Bid Retriever is a SaaS solution that streamlines the pre-construction processes for subcontractors. From document plan retrieval to addendum sequencing, Bid Retriever is the first-ever SaaS platform designed with subcontractors in mind.

The Challenge: Founded by construction professionals, Bid Retriever was eager to get their product in the field to start collecting feedback from users. After a handful of failed starts with other outbound call centers, Bid Retriever turned to SalesRoads to book qualified web-demos to meet their goals.

The Solution:

  • Executed training program for SDRs to create a high comfort level with Bid Retriever product.
  • Accelerated platform evolution by providing direct feedback to Bid Retriever team on issues raised by prospective clients.
  • Contributed to identification of target customer through feedback generated during scheduled appointments
  • Integrated directly into Bid Retriever’s lean business model to improve business efficiencies and team communication.
  • Assisted in CRM migration and other business optimization to maximize profitability of campaign.

The Results: After averaging more than 3.5 meetings per calling day, Bid Retriever has now repositioned itself within the market and is poised to quickly accelerate revenue with a refined product.