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Bid Retriever is a SaaS solution that streamlines the pre-construction processes for subcontractors. From document plan retrieval to addendum sequencing, Bid Retriever is the first-ever SaaS platform designed with subcontractors in mind.

The Challenge

Founded by construction professionals, Bid Retriever was eager to get their product in the field to start collecting feedback from users. After a handful of failed starts with other outbound call centers, Bid Retriever turned to SalesRoads to book qualified web-demos to meet their goals.

The Solution

  • Executed training program for SDRs to create a high comfort level with Bid Retriever product.
  • Accelerated platform evolution by providing direct feedback to Bid Retriever team on issues raised by prospective clients.
  • Contributed to identification of target customer through feedback generated during scheduled appointments
  • Integrated directly into Bid Retriever’s lean business model to improve business efficiencies and team communication.
  • Assisted in CRM migration and other business optimization to maximize the profitability of campaign.


After averaging more than 3.5 meetings per calling day, Bid Retriever has now repositioned itself within the market and is poised to quickly accelerate revenue with a refined product.

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