Case Study: Natural Gas Fueling

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“SalesRoads was able to hire and train a great team of SDRs, minimally involve our management team, and provide a secure environment for data transfer, while building a robust pipeline for our sales efforts.”

Chris Larson, Senior Sales Director

Key Results:


Meetings Scheduled


Demos Resulting in Opportunity


Pipeline Generated

Service: Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

Industry: Energy, Natural Resources

Background: Clean Energy is the largest distributor of Natural Gas fuel in North America. Publicly traded, they are a leader and innovator in Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Stations.

The Challenge: Clean Energy wanted to engage with trucking firms to work with them to help convert their fleets to Natural Gas.  They attempted to build an internal sales team, however were unable to obtain the talent. In searching for a partner, they had serious security requirements to be met as a publicly traded company, and did not want to manage the day-to-day operations of the appointment setting campaign.

The Solution:

  • Established and managed a turnkey inside sales department to augment Clean Energy’s existing sales operation.
  • Developed a strategic playbook with custom scripts, rebuttals and follow-up strategies to engage with key executives and schedule first meetings.
  • Provide a secure VPN and integrate with Microsoft Dynamics to manage campaign operations and reporting.

The Results: SalesRoads scheduled over 1060 meetings with executive decision-makers and influencers. This resulted in 600 product demos, 172 qualified opportunities and active deals totaling 4.2 million gallons of LNG and CNG.