What Is Included In Our Campaigns?

Your Strategic Partner – Part of the magic of partnering with SalesRoads lies in our process. Our strategic planning will boost your sales growth. Before starting a program, we understand that consistent messaging is critical when you’re targeting multiple stakeholders within a large account. We’ll engage in an in-depth review of your current sales process, products, and best customers to design an appointment setting program that will create the greatest return on your investment.

List Selection – We believe that a good campaign begins with a good list. We identify and connect with those hard-to-reach decision makers you want your salespeople to have in their pipeline. Our in-house research department uses proprietary data science methodology, a revolutionary approach to lead generation and list development. We offer a vetted and branded process to generate a full list of Marketing Targeted Prospects with the exact companies that match your ideal customer profile and are most likely to buy your products or services.

Demand Generation Playbook – We believe that a concise and powerful call approach and sales strategy is vital to the success of our client’s appointment setting campaign. We develop a Demand Generation Playbook which is the “living breathing strategy” of your campaign and it becomes yours whether you renew with SalesRoads or not. It contains the call approaches, the emails, the voicemails, the email cadence and the rebuttals, based on your value proposition, success stories, objectives and qualification criteria.

Comprehensive Training – SalesRoads’ comprehensive training program with ongoing sales training, role-playing, coaching, call reviews and motivation will ensure the success of your campaign. We’ll develop a training program customized for your campaign to teach, review and assess our sales agents understanding of your products and value proposition.

Robust Reporting Capabilities – We take an analytical approach to each of our campaigns and use a proprietary CRM which allows for robust reporting and campaign monitoring. We use this data to continually refine campaigns to ensure we are calling into the most receptive and profitable prospects. We also develop customized reports and generate call recordings to give you all the data needed to monitor your campaign.

Our Experienced Sales Development Reps – Our sales professionals are not only adept at cold calling, they have an , average of over 14 years of sales and appointment setting experience. Once they join our team they complete one the most rigorous training solutions in the industry, to be assured our clients that they can interact with the small business owner as well as the C-Level decision maker. And we have won the Best Place To Work for 4 years running.

A Strong ROI That Speaks For Itself – SalesRoads has played a key role in helping numerous businesses to outperform their sales expectations and reach the right decision makers faster. Our multi-layered lead nurturing approach makes it possible to quickly transform cold leads into validated sales opportunities. With SalesRoads Connected Calling, we research, cultivate, engage and nurture prospects through social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs as well as traditional cold calling.

The SalesRoads Difference – Please click to view why SalesRoads is different.

SalesRoads In The Media

SalesRoads has gained significant support and recognition from business, media, academic and professional communities. Awards and accolades that SalesRoads has received include:

Great Place To Work
 – Honored In 2018 for the 4th year in a row.

Great Place To Work For Flexible Work Environment
 – Honored in 2015

Wharton Magazine
 – Featured in 2015

Inc. Magazine
 – Featured in the Inc. 500||5000 in 2014 & 2015

South Florida Business Journal 
– Featured in 2015

Great Place To Work
 – Featured in 2015

Fortune Small Business Magazine – Featured in 2007

 – Featured in 2007

The Christian Science Monitor 
– Featured in 2006

Wharton VIP Program
 – Selected to Wharton School of Business VIP Program in 2005

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