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We’re on a mission to hire & retain the best sales people, wherever they live.

David Kreiger had an idea in 2005 for a company that would hire, train and empower military spouses - wherever they lived.

Because of the constant relocating, unemployment rates for military spouses were much higher than the national average.

“My mission is to recruit talented people and enable them to reach their full potential.”

David Kreiger, President

SalesRoads was born out of this gap in the workforce.  By building the entire model around remote-working, they could now keep their job whenever they moved to a new base.

After receiving a top spot in The Wharton Business School Competition, Wharton gave David seed money and office space and advisors to fulfill on this idea in 2005

Because of his background building high performing inside sales teams, David decided to focus their services on B2B Appointment Setting and Lead Generation.

At the time SalesRoads was one of the only remote-first organizations focused on sales outsourcing.  The company saw tremendous growth and realized that even outside the military, many sales executives preferred  work from home if given the opportunity.   SalesRoads quickly expanded their recruiting efforts in 2008 and updated the company mission.

Our mission:

To be the most effective and respected sales outsourcing company in the country that recruits and retains talented sales executives, wherever they may live.

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