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How To Earn The Right To Pitch, In 27 Seconds

When a decision maker answers your call, you have 27 seconds to earn the right to pitch your product or service.  That’s it, just 27 seconds.  And a lot needs to be done to earn that right – Who are you?  Why are you calling?  What do you want? – and you must do it in a fleeting moment with near surgical precision.  At this point, you may be asking why this post has odd formatting or sentence structure.  I would love to explain why, but unfortunately at the end of this sentence, my 27 seconds are up!

You cannot say hello then just straight into a pitch and expect the call to be successful.  Introducing yourself, and earning the right to pitch is one of the most important parts of prospecting.  Doing it right is the key to every successful sales team.There are 5 main points that you need to hit to earn the right to pitch a decision maker.  They need to be greeted properly, know who you are, why you’re calling, be provided with a credibility and value statement, and then engaged – all within a time span that is less than your average radio commercial.

The proper greeting.  To formulate the proper greeting, you must first understand your prospect and their role in the organization.  Be professional at all times, and respect the prospect and their time.

Who are you?  This isn’t a deep, philosophical question – its just your name and the company or service you represent.

Why are you calling?  Get to the nitty gritty here.  A powerful 1 sentence statement about your company or service.

Credibility / value statement.  Building instant credibility and adding value is key.  Your prospect now knows who you are, and why you’re calling – now tell them why its important for them to want to continue the conversation.

Prospect engagement.  Now the fun begins!  With successful engagement, you have earned the right to pitch your wares.

Dave Capezza

Dave Capezza is the VP of Business Development for SalesRoads, a nationally renowned inside sales authority, marketing expert, leader, and consultant. He is also one of the SLMA's 50 Most Influential People in Sales & Lead Management. His passion has always been focused on business development. As a 4-time Inc 500||5000 Award winner (2005, 2006, 2007, 2014), he successfully helped grow two small businesses into thriving industry leaders by instilling intelligent and proven business development processes, and management strategies. Dave’s mantra is to lead by example, and never ask an employee to complete a task that he isn't willing to do himself. Those principles help him to understand the fundamentals of the organizations he works for, to advance the company as a whole.