Navigating the B2B sales landscape requires more than just basic know-how; it demands continuous learning and adaptation. An effective, enjoyable way to stay informed and inspired is by tuning into top sales podcasts.

The year 2024 has ushered in a variety of sales podcasts, each packed with valuable insights, practical tips, and a touch of humor. These podcasts are tailored for everyone, from newcomers to seasoned sales professionals and business leaders.

Best 10 Sales Podcasts to Listen

Whether you’re seeking to refine your strategy, enhance your leadership skills, or simply find new inspiration, these podcasts are your go-to resource:

Sell Like A Leader Podcast

Host: David Kreiger

David Kreiger, founder of SalesRoads, brings over 16 years of sales expertise to the “Sell Like a Leader” podcast. He holds an MBA in Marketing & Management from The Wharton School and a BA in Political Science and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. His insights are also featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. 

David’s roles extend beyond business leadership, including serving as a Venture Lab Mentor at The Wharton School and being an active member of the EO, Entrepreneur Association.

“Sell Like a Leader” podcast offers invaluable guidance for sales leaders aiming to build and maintain effective teams. Each episode delves into strategies and insights essential for managing and enhancing sales team performance. 

The podcast features a range of seasoned sales leaders, such as Mark Hunter, Thomas Parbs, Joe Venuti, and Victoria McGlone providing strategies and experiences. It’s an indispensable resource for existing and aspiring sales leaders, designed to inspire and elevate their teams. 

Listen to Episode Two where David and Mark Hunter discussed building a collaborative sales team and multithreading:

Daily Sales Tip

Host: Scott Ingram

Scott Ingram, the mind behind the “Daily Sales Tips” podcast, offers a unique and impactful contribution to B2B sales. His dynamic career intersects marketing, sales, and technology, driven by a commitment to impactful contributions. 

With a BSIT in Information Technology Systems Analysis from the University of Phoenix, he has a robust background in technical systems. His tenure at Eloqua and Oracle showcased his prowess in client management and marketing automation.

The “Daily Sales Tips” podcast is designed for B2B sales professionals, from sales development reps to chief revenue officers. It delivers daily, concise, and actionable sales ideas. 

Each episode, approximately 5 minutes long, offers a single, potent sales tip. The content is diverse, featuring tips from Scott Ingram himself, excerpts from the Sales Success Stories Podcast, and contributions from various sales experts. It’s an efficient way for sales professionals to stay updated with the best ideas in sales without investing excessive time. This format makes it a perfect fit for busy sales professionals keen on continuous learning and improvement.

Listen to the episode where Scott shares a personal tip about how to prioritize sales tasks when you’re overwhelmed with work:

The Sales Hunter Podcast

Host: Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter, known as “The Sales Hunter,” brings over 30 years of sales leadership to the forefront. Holding a BS in Business from Seattle Pacific University, he focuses on helping companies and salespeople maximize their potential. 

A renowned Sales Speaker and Consultant, Mark authored three best-selling books: A Mind for Sales, High-Profit Prospecting, and High-Profit Selling. Recognized as a Top 50 Sales and Marketing Leader, he travels globally to inspire sales teams, challenging conventional sales myths and advocating for effective, profit-driven strategies.

“The Sales Hunter” podcast is a dynamic resource for ambitious sales professionals. It focuses on mastering prospecting, negotiation, and overall success. With his extensive experience, Mark brings this expertise to the podcast, inviting industry leaders to share actionable insights. 

The show aims to empower listeners with knowledge and strategies to enhance their sales skills and better serve their customers. Mark’s commitment is to not just entertain but to ignite a passion for sales excellence in every episode.

Listen to the episode where Mark and David Kreiger discussed how important being adaptable as a sales leader is:

Make It Happen Mondays Podcast

Host:  John Barrows

John Barrows brings over 25 years of sales experience, ranging from telemarketing to VP of Sales, to his current role as the head of his own sales training company. He works with top organizations like Salesforce and Google, sharing the lessons he’s learned throughout his career. 

John’s approach to sales training is rooted in the belief that, when done right, sales is an incredibly rewarding profession. His mission is to enhance the skills of sales professionals, elevating both their performance and the sales field itself.

“Make it Happen Mondays” is renowned for being one of the best sales podcasts for practical, actionable tips. The podcast is especially valuable for those looking to enhance their sales techniques and close more deals.

Listen to the episode where Tony Dicks joins John to discuss improving top-funnel sales issues and managing outsourcing effectively:

The Win Rate Podcast

Host: Andy Paul

Andy Paul, holding a BA in History from Stanford University, focuses on humanizing the sales process. His approach, derived from extensive sales and leadership experience, emphasizes the critical role of human interaction in influencing buyers’ decisions. 

Author of the best-selling book Sell Without Selling Out, he covers a variety of topics such as human-centered selling and creating winning buying experiences. Andy’s work is geared towards helping sellers be more authentic and effective.

“The Win Rate” podcast is full of engaging discussions on B2B selling. Building on his experience from hosting the Sales Enablement Podcast (with 1200+ episodes and millions of downloads), Andy explores strategies to increase win rates in sales. 

The show features a roundtable format where Andy and guest experts share insights and skills to enhance sales effectiveness and create influential buying experiences. It’s an invaluable resource for sales professionals looking to elevate their sales approach and outcomes.

Listen to the episode where Andy welcomed another all-star roundtable and discussed sales enablement, the shift towards full-cycle reps, and more:

The Sales Gravy Podcast

Host: Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount focuses on enhancing sales performance in organizations, sales leaders, and professionals. He provides advice on how emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills impact various aspects of business, from sales to customer experience. 

Jeb is the author of 15 books, including Virtual Selling, Inked, and Fanatical Prospecting, and is renowned for his insights into the sales industry. His work is valued by a wide range of leading global organizations.

The “Sales Gravy” podcast is designed to dramatically enhance sales performance. The podcast focuses on helping listeners achieve higher sales success, improve their skills, elevate their sales game, and increase their earnings quickly. It’s a resource for sales professionals seeking fast, effective ways to advance in the competitive world of sales.

Listen to the episode where Jeb, Keith Lubner, and Jessica Stokes discuss strategies that leverage discomfort on sales calls to drive engaging conversations and achieve better outcomes:

The Sales Evangelist

Host: Donald C. Kelly

Donald C. Kelly, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management: Marketing from Brigham Young University, is an advocate for effective sales techniques. His approach encompasses sales training, online courses, coaching, workshops, seminars, and keynote presentations. 

Donald’s journey, marked by initial struggles and learning, led him to discover and share strategies that drive sales success. He emphasizes the importance of simplicity in sales and mastering fundamentals, principles that have proven effective for sales professionals and entrepreneurs he coaches.

“The Sales Evangelist” podcast, hosted by Donald C. Kelly, is tailored for new and struggling salespeople. The goal is to aid in finding ideal customers, building value, and closing more deals. The podcast offers a rich variety of content, with five episodes each week ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. As a part of the “Sales Podcast Network,” it serves as a valuable resource for actionable sales insights and strategies.

Listen to this episode where Donald addresses the common misconception among salespeople, discussing the necessity of continuous learning and improvement in sales:

The GTM Podcast (formerly Sales Hacker)

Host: Scott Barker

Scott Barker, Co-founder of GTM, is deeply engaged in the tech world, focusing on early-stage SAAS companies and go-to-market strategies. He writes a weekly newsletter on tech trends and hosts the “GTM” podcast, where he interviews tech executives and founders. Scott also advises high-growth startups, drawing energy and inspiration from solving interesting problems and uplifting those around him.

The “GTM” podcast features engaging conversations with renowned tech executives, venture capitalists, and founders. Each episode dives into a pivotal story from their past, exploring successes, failures, and the real stories behind their journeys. 

Listeners also have the unique opportunity to contribute by submitting questions for future guests. The podcast complements Scott’s role at GTMfund, an early-stage venture fund focused on B2B SaaS companies poised for hyper-growth.

Listen to the episode where Scott and Daniel Weiner discuss how to choose the right partner:

The Modern Selling

Host: Mario. M. Martinez Jr.

Mario M. Martinez Jr., with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Saint Mary’s College of California, is the force behind a leading digital sales training company.

His journey in corporate sales led him to start his own venture in 2015, which evolved into Vengreso in 2017. Mario’s vision also birthed FlyMSG, a text expander and writing assistant tool, initially intended to enhance sales productivity but rapidly grew to serve various industries. He is known for his direct and loyal leadership style and is a keynote speaker and host of “The Modern Selling Podcast.”

The “Modern Selling” podcast caters to a wide audience in the sales domain, including sales leaders, professionals, and those in charge of revenue generation. Featuring guests who are experts and influencers in modern selling, the podcast offers insights and inspiration to drive sales conversations and adopt innovative selling techniques in today’s evolving market.

Listen to the episode where Mario and Manoj Ramnani discuss how to build a strong team culture:

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Host: Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale

Bill Caskey is a Business Coach committed to helping executives and sales teams achieve their potential. He specializes in guiding clients to discover their ‘2X potential’ through effective attitudes, behaviors, and techniques. He works with companies in growth mode, driven by inspiring leaders who value team development.

Bryan Neale, also known as The Blind Zebra, is a sales and business coach with a unique approach. He focuses on practical, effective strategies, blending his expertise with elements like NFL football and live piano playing. Together with Bill Caskey, he co-hosts the Advanced Selling Podcast.

In the “Advanced Selling” podcast, Bill and Bryan, with two decades of B2B sales training experience, share effective strategies, frameworks, and tips. Their focus is on enhancing talent, skill growth, and creating sales success. 

They cover various topics including mindset shifts, prospect engagement, long-term client relationships, and practical sales techniques. Known for their humor and realism, Bill and Bryan offer insights to sales professionals, managers, and leaders to develop profitable sales teams and achieve personal and professional goals.

Listen to the episode where Bill and Bryan share their tips and strategies for nailing the initial sales call with a prospect: 

Bottom Line

Podcasts offer sales professionals a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market. They’re convenient, allowing for learning on the go, and are packed with diverse insights from industry leaders. 

Start listening to the best sales podcasts today and ramp up your results.