Sales development representatives (SDRs) require frequent and intensive training to become top performers. As a sales leader, you can help unlock your team’s full potential by providing them access to first-class sales development programs.

Best Sales Development Programs

The following programs can help SDRs master the fundamentals of sales development and its best practices:

Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional CertificateSalesforce & SV Academy

VirtualFlexible scheduleFree(+ certificate fee)
RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative SellingRAIN GroupVirtual and OnsiteCustomUndisclosed
The Complete Sales Prospecting BootcampUdemyVirtual2 hours$70 per person
Start the Deal – Hoffman TrainingJeff HoffmanVirtual/ Onsite5+Starts at $395 per person
The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process SpecializationNorthwestern UniversityVirtualFlexible scheduleFree (Certificate: $95)

Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate – Best Overall

Salesforce is an authority in analytics, marketing automation, and sales application development. With years of experience and partnership with SV academy, they’ve developed a program that equips SDRs with the necessary tools and knowledge to be effective at their jobs. 

This program is divided into five courses:

  1. The groundwork for success in sales development
  2. Foundation for interviewing with success
  3. Conversational selling playbook for SDRs
  4. Boosting productivity through tech stacks
  5. Practical guide to navigating professional relationships

With these courses, SDRs can learn about the fundamentals and best practices of sales development from industry experts. They will also get tips on accepting and processing feedback, which is essential in their day-to-day responsibilities

RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling – Best for Cold Calling


  • Learning objectives focused on boosting sales performance
  • Programs customizable according to SDRs’ needs
  • In-person training supplemented by online materials


  • Customization costs extra

This sales development training program teaches SDRs how to master sales conversations essential for establishing positive relationships with leads. It is offered by RAIN Group, an international training company specializing in sales and marketing.

It teaches SDRs how to:

  • Effectively communicate with different types of people
  • Overcome objections
  • Avoid common sales mistakes
  • Sound persuasive without being pushy

The price and duration for this program vary because it’s a custom solution. The learning objectives and method of delivery can also be tailored to your team’s needs. 

The Complete Sales Prospecting Bootcamp – Best Value for Money


  • Flexible schedule
  • Lessons focused on prospecting strategies 
  • Downloadable resources and exercises


  • Slow instructor feedback

SDRs’ main role is to generate qualified leads to ensure that the pipeline is overflowing with conversion opportunities. To do this, they need to know the best prospecting practices and strategies.

This program focuses on teaching SDRs about the core elements of prospecting and the best techniques to implement sales strategies. The lessons in this program include: 

  • Lead qualification
  • Types of prospecting
  • How to build a comprehensive prospecting strategy
  • How to effectively cold call and cold email
  • How to leverage social tools

This program is available on Udemy, making the lecture and resources accessible for an indefinite period. It’s also relatively short, and the concepts are broken into easy-to-understand topics. 

Start the Deal – Hoffman Training – Best Hands-on Program


  • Multiple locations
  • Designed for sales reps
  • Access to industry expert trainers


  • Limited schedules

The Hoffman program is a full-day training that teaches sales development teams how to capture prospects’ attention. 

Lessons in this program cover topics on how to:

  • Overcome rejections
  • Make compelling cold calls and emails
  • Create touchpoint models

This program is divided into lectures, workshops, and labs. Lectures consist of two 75-minute seminars that lay down the fundamentals of the course. The workshop phase focuses on the application of the core lessons, and in the lab stage, participants can practice and develop what they have learned. 

The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization – Best for Beginners


  • Free online resources
  • Easy-to-understand teaching approach
  • Sales toolkit offered upon completion of the program


  • $95 per person to get the certificate

This program is excellent for aspiring salespeople with no experience as SDRs. It is offered by Northwestern University via Coursera, an online learning platform. 

The Art of Sales program has four courses: 

  1. Customer segmentation and prospecting
  2. Connecting with sales prospects
  3. Sales pitch and closing
  4. Building a toolkit

These courses provide SDRs tips and insights on how to effectively generate qualified leads. At the end of the program, they can opt to pay for an official credential that can be used as they progress in their careers. 

Bottom Line

The best sales development programs provide SDRs with tips and knowledge that will help them do their day-to-day tasks efficiently. When combined with a proper onboarding process, the right sales program can accelerate your team’s ramp-up time.