Lead generation processes can be complex to execute. A 2021 Ruler Analytics survey showed that generating high-quality leads was the challengest job for B2B marketers, with 37% of the correspondents struggling with this issue.1

Attracting prospective customers can be tricky because the sales and marketing teams have to combine effective channels, techniques, and messaging to produce results. 

You can use the examples below to discover fresh ideas to draw your target audience into the sales funnel. 

6 Lead Generation Examples for Your Next Campaign

The best lead generation examples are proven campaign methods that sales experts use to capture qualified leads. Are you running out of innovative ways to reach hot prospects? Here are six powerful ideas with the potential to generate highly-qualified leads:

  • Webinars and auto webinars
  • Quizzes
  • Referral rewards
  • Giveaways
  • Longtail keyword SEO
  • Run an outbound campaign

Webinars and auto webinars

Webinars (web seminars) are live video content in which companies share information about a pain point or a product or service.  These seminars are amazing for generating leads, as you can ask clients to provide their email addresses when signing up for the content. 

Webinars allow you to interact with potential clients and demonstrate expertise in your industry. And the best part: on average, 73% of attendees eventually become leads.

Companies usually use video conferencing software like Google Meet and Zoom to host webinars. You can also take advantage of social media live stream features like Twitter Spaces (voice only), Instagram Live, and Facebook Live. 

Auto Webinars are recorded webinar sessions. You can use webinars with high attendance and conversion rates to create on-demand videos and include them as part of your lead generation campaigns. 

We recommend placing this content behind a landing page with a lead capture form to collect valuable prospect data. 

What to teach in webinars?

Your topics need to resonate with your audience and be appealing enough to draw their attention. Web seminars are broadly categorized into two: educational and product types.

Educational webinars provide in-depth information on a subject, issue, or new industry trend. The product types are sessions to explain specific features, how-to-use, and benefits of a product or service.

The best way to use webinars to generate leads is to create sessions that combine both types. You can provide research data, industry trends, and pain points, then position your product or service as a viable solution. 

Promoting the webinar

When content is done, pay attention to sharing the details of the program and building attendance. You can use your social media pages and the pop-ups on your website to tell your audience about the webinar ahead of time. 

Create an attractive landing page with a call to action for collecting contact information of interested participants. We also recommend sending a reminder email a few hours before the webinar starts. 

You can sustain engagement after the webinar by creating surveys and polls. Insights from these can help you generate new leads and improve campaign success. 


Interactive content like quizzes is highly effective for lead generation campaigns. It produces up to 70% conversion rates, which makes 81% of marketers see it as more stimulating and attractive than other static formats. 

Quizzes can also be a great way to learn about your target audience’s preferences and generate quality leads. They provide opportunities for prospects to describe their needs, and companies can leverage this information to suggest products or services. 

Lead generation quizzes can be easily created and automated using quiz builders. You can add this to your website or landing page for visitors to interact. 

A lead capture form at the end of the quiz often yields great results, as you have engaged the client from the beginning of your interaction. 

Referral rewards

Your current customers can generate new leads for your business with a referral rewards program. Top global brands like Airbnb and Tesla completely transformed their growth by investing in this type of strategy.

Word of mouth is a strong business advocacy method, and adding a reward makes it quite effective. You can use automation tools to ease the referral process, reducing the manual work that goes into setting it up. 

Businesses in any industry can leverage referrals for lead generation. To get started, consider the following;

  • Which rewards will motivate your customers to participate?
  • How will you make this program easy for participants?
  • What rewards do you have for newly referred customers?

Rewards can be discounts, commissions, free delivery, cashback, branded items, store credit, or a free subscription to your service. Whichever you choose, ensure that it is cost-effective and will attract the right leads for your business. 


Giving away what your customers want can be effective for generating high-quality leads within your market. Depending on your research and backroom data, you can decide the number of winners and what they get. 

Giveaways can generate thousands of leads if executed properly. You can put lead capture forms on your website or create landing pages to collect prospects’ contact information for nurturing. 

Your company’s giveaway strategy can be promoting a hashtag, photo, or video contest that captures your audience’s attention. You can engage influencers or leading voices in your industry to help publicize your program for the best results. 

Our recommendation is to publicize it on your social media platforms and use web pop-ups to tell your visitors about the giveaway. 

Longtail keyword search engine optimization

SEO content creation is an effective lead generation strategy. You can get ahead of your competition by focusing on long-tail keywords that are relevant to your industry and do not get a huge volume of traffic. 

If you have a website, you have probably already created content using the popular search terms in your industry. You may be struggling to rank well on search engines because these keywords are saturated by your competition. 

To make your content rank better on search engines, you can research alternative long-tail keywords that still speak to your target audience. A few tips for getting relevant keywords include:

  • Try localizing keywords to your physical location. e.g. “lead generation agency in Washington D.C”. 
  • Look at autocomplete suggestions, related searches, and the “People also ask” section on search engines. 
  • Check your website’s internal search history for specific queries and create content with those keywords.
  • Use SEO tools to find fresh keywords to make SERPs. 

While traffic for alternative terms may not be as high as it is for more obvious keywords, you have the advantage of being sure that you’re attracting highly-qualified leads.

Run an outbound campaign

Webinars, giveaways, and referral programs are effective because they offer direct incentives for your audience to engage with your brand. These strategies do have a few downsides, including:

  • They are passive: your audience needs to initiate any engagement
  • They are less targeted: the leads generated from webinars and referral programs are less likely to be qualified

The most direct way to generate new leads is to contact them directly. Compiling a list of target customers ensures you are reaching out to the most qualified prospects. The key to successful outbound lead generation is a compelling message that crystalizes the value you can bring to potential customers. 

Pro tip: If you lack an internal workforce to invest in these strategies or need to accelerate your lead-generation process, you may want to consider outsourcing as a solution. This entails hiring a third-party service provider to take on specific tasks or even your entire lead gen strategy.

While outsourcing will cost your company an additional budget, it will also give you access to a highly-specialized sales team and ultimately convert into better outcomes.

Bottom Line

To successfully implement lead generation strategies, sales teams can experiment with the different examples above. You can find the right combination of strategies for your business and tweak them to suit your audience for the best results.


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