Lead generation is a core function of sales, marketing, and business development professionals. Consistently finding high-quality leads for your business is imperative to its success and survival. However, the 2021 Ruler Analytics Marketing and Attribution survey found 37% of sales staff struggle to generate leads.1

Many marketers want to improve but don’t know where to find reliable resources on lead generation, while others are overwhelmed by the different strategies, tools, and tactics available. As a professional looking to boost your lead prospecting, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. 

To help you on your educational journey, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best lead generation blogs in 2023 for sales and marketing teams. 

Top 20 Websites for Lead Generation Strategies 

These blogs are invaluable for beginners and veterans alike, offering practical insights, tips, and strategies to help you generate more leads and grow your business. With the variety of perspectives and approaches, you’re sure to find a blog that resonates with your business goals and objectives.

HubSpot Blog

HubSpot is one of the most popular sales and marketing tools adopted around the world. The company launched their blog in 2014 as a knowledge base for their inbound sales and marketing platform. 

Their in-house writers and guest bloggers cover various topics like marketing, social media, lead and demand generation, and sales. HubSpot also provides free resources like ebooks, webinars, and courses on lead generation.


Aeroleads is an email finder and verification tool that helps businesses locate leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other digital channels. Their blog is a useful resource on B2B lead generation loaded with tips for maximizing email marketing, automation tools, and CRM software to generate leads. 

Markempa blog

Formerly B2B Lead Blog, Markempa shares insights on acquiring, managing, scoring, qualifying, and nurturing leads for B2B sales and marketing professionals. Author Brian Caroll also hosts the B2B Roundtable podcast, where he discusses topical issues with B2B lead generation experts. 

Markempa blog also has resources like ebooks, webinars, and online courses for marketers seeking a more in-depth education. 

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is the largest online community for B2B professionals. Drawing on their various backgrounds and expertise, members share their knowledge and experience on how to generate excellent leads and close more deals. 

The Sales Hacker blog features articles from experts on lead generation strategies, sales tactics, technology, and customer relationship management (CRM). They also produce other resources like webinars and ebooks so marketing professionals can stay ahead of trends and further their careers. 

Traffic Generation Cafe

Marketing expert Ana Hoffman shares her lead generation tips and tricks on the Traffic Generation Cafe blog. Her “bite-sized traffic hacks” provide concise advice to help businesses grab prospective customers’ attention and improve sales revenue. 

Ana’s tactics mostly involve leveraging business websites and social media pages to drive traffic. The blog also contains resources to help marketers automate lead generation and sales efforts. 


Marketo is Adobe’s marketing automation software designed to improve business lead acquisition. Their blog talks about online marketing, sales, customer service, and lead generation strategies for small businesses to scale and grow. 

For a richer experience, the Marketo Nation community feature allows digital marketers to interact with each other and find answers to questions related to lead prospecting, sales, and marketing. 


Clickback is a B2B lead generation tool that boasts a suite of features for attracting and nurturing prospects through the sales funnel. Their blog contains well-researched articles on how marketers can use targeted campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) to draw in leads through email and the web. 


SalesRoads is one of America’s top sales outsourcing companies. They provide SDR outsourcing, appointment setting, and lead generation services. 

Their blog reveals in-depth insights on how to entice warm leads and teaches professionals best practices, tactics, and strategies to ramp up revenue by identifying high-quality leads.

Neil Patel

World-renowned digital marketer Neil Patel is an expert in building and scaling successful companies. In his blog, he offers valuable strategies for bringing in more leads and boosting sales. 

Neil also covers a diverse range of topics related to digital marketing, including SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. He updates his blog frequently with new content, ensuring his readers always have access to the latest, most relevant industry information.


As a CRM automation tool, SugarCRM connects sales and marketing functions with add-ons that ease the customer’s journey through the pipeline. The company’s blog contains fresh takes on B2B lead generation, the customer experience, marketing automation, and other digital marketing solutions. 

It’s a rich resource with over 50 sales and marketing professionals contributing to its continuously expanding content library. 

OptinMonster Conversion Rate Optimization Blog

OptinMonster is a conversion optimization toolkit built for marketers to pull hot leads from their website traffic. Their blog details techniques to boost website conversion using content marketing, A/B testing, email marketing, and other lead-attracting strategies. 

Unbounce Blog

Unbounce is an automated landing page builder for launching social media, email, and search lead generation campaigns. In their blog, they detail interesting ideas for leveraging multiple lead generation channels, creating lead magnets, and building sustainable brands. 

Content Marketing Institute

The official blog of the prestigious Content Marketing Institute contains articles and posts on various effective ways to attract leads with enticing content. Common topics include building an audience, content optimization, SEO, social media strategies, analytics, technology, and lead generation trends. 

B2B Marketing

The B2B Marketing blog educates sales professionals on innovative and efficient methods that draw potential customers to your business. They publish reports on marketing trends as well as guides on how companies can improve their results. 

Readers can also listen to B2B marketing podcasts on the blog and access guides, ebooks, and other lead generation content. 


LeadGenius collects comprehensive B2B lead data for mid-market and enterprise-level companies to make informed sales and marketing decisions. Their blog is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their skills, with articles on lead generation strategies, sales tactics, and marketing automation. 

In addition, LeadGenius hosts podcasts and webinars and publishes useful guides for sales and marketing professionals. 


The Leadfeeder sales and marketing tool helps companies identify prospects from among their website visitors and guide them down the sales funnel. Their blog offers B2B sales and marketing tips for lead acquisition, account-based marketing, and data analytics. 

Leadfeeder goes the extra mile by organizing webinars, featuring industry insider stories, and publishing lead generation guides. They also operate an academy that shares sales and marketing knowledge through short courses.

Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report provides research-based insights into B2B marketing. Marketers can uncover lead generation strategies, marketing automation, and account-based marketing from their posts. 

Similar to a news blog, they share up-to-date information and trends related to the global sales and marketing industry. They also publish white papers, guides, infographics, ebooks, reports, and other resources, with their “Demand Generation Report State of Marketing” being the most popular. 


LeadFuze automates lead prospecting through account- and market-based searches that capture the contact details and social profiles of warm prospects. The company’s blog delves into subjects like outbound sales and account-based marketing, along with lead generation tactics.

Autopilot Marketing Automation Blog

Autopilot is a marketing automation platform that focuses on generating and nurturing leads, crafting tailored customer journeys, and increasing revenue. They feature blogs on topics like customer experience and marketing automation best practices — both of which are essential to successful lead generation.  


The Drift blog creates articles that teach salespeople how to use conversational marketing and personalized interactions for greater lead acquisition. B2B marketers learn to leverage chatbots, social media, and direct mail to drive prospects to make purchases. 

Bottom Line

Backed by experts with strong knowledge and experience, the blogs listed above provide valuable information and advice on sales development and business growth. We recommend exploring their knowledge bases for helpful lessons on lead generation that you can apply to your own business. Armed with this information, you’ll consistently attract highly qualified prospects to your sales pipeline.


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