Intelligent Lead Generation

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Elusive Prospect Intellegence

Whether you have complex qualifiers or simply need to identify the right contact, our advanced lead generation provides you with all the sales intelligence you need — but can’t find anywhere else. 

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Qualifying, identifying, and contacting the right prospect is an arduous process. Our lead generation campaigns provide you with qualified, human-verified leads for your sales team to quickly close. 

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Key Lead Generation Features

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Phone-Based Methodology

Your business has complex qualifications that can’t be researched online. That’s why we deploy a phone-based methodology to directly engage prospects and find the critical information you need. 

Proprietary Survey Development

Once you connect with a prospect, you need to quickly and efficiently uncover the information you are after. We will develop a proprietary survey that uncovers maximal information in minimal time. 

Experienced Lead Generation Reps

Identifying and contacting busy executives takes persistence and expertise. That’s why we employ highly experienced lead generation reps to call on your campaign. They average the same 14+ years of experience as our appointment setting reps. 

Lead Generation Case Studies

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Examples of Opportunity IQ Data

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Standard Lead Generation Features

Your Strategic Partner

We’ll engage in an in-depth review of your current prospecting methods, products, and ideal customers to design an intelligent lead generation program that arms your team with the best data. 

Your Complete Team

Every Lead Generation Campaign comes complete with LGRs, a defined point of contact, a Data Team, Quality Control, and Executive oversight. Read about your complete lead generation team here.

Campaign Reporting

From weekly reports to daily run sheets, you can stay constantly up-to-date on your campaigns performance. We can even integrate real-time into your CRM.

Comprehensive Training

Our LDRs are trained extensively on your product before ever picking up the phone. That way you can be sure the data they collect is accurate, applicable, and trust worthy. 

Return on Investment

You need more than a list of businesses, you need intelligent data to leverage during prospecting. Our Opportunity IQ Lead Generation campaigns provide both, creating the greatest ROI for you. See how much you stand to save here.