Appointment Setter Needed: Job Description, Responsibilities, and Requirements (With Template)

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An appointment setter is responsible for scheduling meetings between prospective clients and Account Executives (AEs). As a typical entry-level position, the appointment setter’s primary duties include identifying potential customers and contacting them through cold calling and emailing. 

Knowing how to write an effective job description for this role will increase the chances of finding qualified candidates to support your sales team. 

What is Appointment Setting in Sales?

Appointment setting specialists support sales teams by bringing new prospects to fill the sales pipeline. These specialists are frequently called SDRs. 

Through cold calls and other direct sales approaches, appointment setters work to schedule meetings between potential clients and the companies they represent. They can help achieve sales goals by generating leads and unburdening AEs. 

A qualified candidate for this position has strong communication skills and is interested in learning about sales processes. When looking for an appointment setter to hire, sales leaders should first consider their business’s needs and understand the different options available for this role. 

What to Consider When Looking For an Appointment Setter

There are different types of appointment setters available in the market. Aspects such as industry, budget, company size, and target audience are relevant when choosing the best appointment setting strategy for a business. 

Some industries have complex sales cycles and require highly-specialized sales representatives to clarify products or service features. Other companies will benefit from motivated, fast-acting teams capable of setting multiple appointments in a short period. Establishing your business goals is crucial to determining the most appropriate strategy to follow up with. 

Here are three things to have in mind when building your appointment setting strategy. 

1. Determine how much experience your appointment setters need

Does your company have a complex sales cycle, or is it short and simple? Do you need intensive training to make your teams comprehend your business, or is your niche intuitive? 

Acknowledge the complexity level of your offers to have a clear vision of the type of support your sales team needs. Appointment setters with little to no experience can handle calls where expertise is not required, but a senior professional will deliver better results when dealing with elaborate sales cycles. 

Consider your products or services specificities when evaluating potential hires. 

2. Consider your industry 

An appointment setter should be able to answer questions about any aspects of your business. The best candidates are not necessarily the ones with expertise in your niche, but the ones that show proactivity and enthusiasm to learn. 

The more complex the nuances of your business, the more critical it is to select candidates willing to train and study about it. Motivation and research skills are strengths of the best appointment setters. 

3. Understand the difference between in-house and outsourced strategies

Building an in-house appointment setting program can be costly and labor-intensive, which makes it not always suitable for businesses. Outsourced appointment setting is the strategy of delegating sales tasks to a third-party agency or individual to improve outcomes. 

An effective appointment setting company will do in-depth research about your business and prepare highly-qualified SDRs to represent your offers. Outsourced appointment setters can improve your business’ productivity by engaging with qualified prospects without requiring a significant investment. 

When choosing an in-house or outsourced strategy for your business, consider the pros and cons of each method. 

Benefits of outsourced appointment setting   Benefits of in-house appointment setting 
Cost-effectivenessQuality control
Access to sales technology Transparency 
Expert knowledge Product familiarity
Readily available workforce 

The following questions will help you find the plan of action that better suits your company:

  • What are your monthly goals for lead generation, appointment setting, and closing sales?
  • How quickly do you need to fill your sales pipeline?
  • What level of knowledge do your SDRs need to represent your business effectively? 

After understanding your business needs, you’ll be able to find the ideal candidate or company to set appointments between prospective clients and the sales team. 

Appointment Setting Responsibilities

There is a large set of duties involving appointment setting. When writing a job description for this role, sales managers should include:

  • Identify potential customers

The primary role of appointment setting. 

Identifying potential customers involves having a clear understanding of the company’s target audience and being able to spot potential interests. An effective appointment setter can analyze segmentation aspects such as age, genre, and occupation to see if prospective customers qualify as sales leads. 

  • Contact prospective clients and schedule appointments

Appointment setters will contact prospective clients through outbound calls and emails. They use a list of potential customers who haven’t previously interacted with the business and try to schedule appointments between them and the AEs.  

Outbound calling and emailing are some of the most important responsibilities of an appointment setter. The best candidates for this position are the ones with sales skills such as persuasion, determination, and active listening. Perseverance is always a must for this role, as appointment setters deal with a high number of daily rejections when contacting prospects thru the phone. 

  • Get familiar with products and services

Part of the appointment setting role is being able to answer potential questions about the products or services they represent. Appointment setters must develop a deep understanding of the companies they speak for, providing leads with any additional information they might need. 

The first weeks of training for appointment setting must include a careful study of the business and its offers; as well as the industry, the target audience, and customers’ pain points. 

  • Answer to inbound calls

Besides making outbound calls to potential clients, appointment setters will also respond to inbound calls from current customers. They should be ready to offer any support or information over the phone, increasing customer retention and satisfaction. 

  • Complete call sheets

After ending each call, appointment setters must complete a sheet reporting the result. This method is crucial to keep track of their performance and follow up with qualified leads.  

Appointment Setting Requirements and Skills 

A background in sales is not always essential to work with appointment setting, but sales leaders can require a few things when hiring for this position. These are:

  • High school diploma or equivalent

A diploma is usually required to work with appointment setting. Higher education is definitely a plus, but the lack of it shouldn’t exclude candidates. 

  • Ability to work in teams

Appointment setters work closely with sales and marketing teams. The perfect fit for this role knows how to team up and values a collaborative environment. 

  • Active listening and attention to detail

To generate and qualify leads, appointment setters must practice active listening during cold calls. They use these moments as opportunities to understand their prospects and find solutions to their pain points.

  • Excellent communication

It goes without saying. Great communicators are more able to persuade prospects to schedule appointments with the companies they represent. 

  • Organization skills

Candidates with organizational skills stand out among others, as the appointment setting role requires the ability to deliver clear, systematized information. 

  • Knowledge of software tools

This requirement varies from business to business, but a basic understanding of Office programs is very likely to be mandatory. Depending on the company, sales leaders can also ask for knowledge of tools such as CRM, mail delivery software, and contact databases. 

Appointment Setter Job Description: Template

Here’s a template to help find the perfect appointment setter specialist for your company. You can adjust the content according to your business needs to make it even more effective. 

Appointment setter 

We are looking for an appointment setter to join our team! This entry-level position will allow you to work closely with our sales team and report directly to our sales manager.

Your primary responsibility will be to contact prospective customers via telephone and email. You’ll represent our company by understanding our offers and scheduling appointments between potential clients and sales leaders. 

The ideal candidate for this position enjoys talking to people and is interested in sales. Experience in the field is not required. 


Identify potential customers for the company; 

Contact prospective clients thru telephone and email;

Schedule appointments between prospective clients and sales managers;

Learn about the company’s products and services;

Assist in customer support;

Complete daily call sheets.

Requirements and skills:

High school diploma or equivalent;

Ability to work in teams;

Active listening and attention to detail;

Excellent communication;

Organization skills;

Knowledge of office software.

Submit your CV + motivation letter to xxx@xxx and join our team! 

Bottom Line

Appointment setting generates new prospects by scheduling meetings between potential customers and Account Executives. When looking for an appointment setter to support your sales team, make sure to prioritize candidates with excellent communication skills, ability to teamwork, and interest in learning about sales processes. 

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