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SalesRoads excels in B2B lead generation, and our services are designed to increase your sales and revenue, reduce your overall cost-per-sale and leverage our expertise to benefit your business. Lead generation requires a specific skill set, developed through years of experience. Our professional telesales agents have an average of 14 years of experience in dealing with business owners and managerial staff which is difficult to replicate in-house.

Included With Our Lead Generation Services


List Scrubbing – SalesRoads will develop an effective strategy to uncover businesses that are qualified for your product or service. We will then present you with a full listing of qualified prospects for you to follow up with, or to roll into a B2B appointment setting campaign.

Scripts – We believe that script development is vital to the success of our client’s lead generation campaign. We work with our clients to develop a concise and powerful script based on your value proposition, success stories, objectives and lead qualification criteria.

Training Program SalesRoads will develop a training program to teach, review and assess our sales agent’s understanding of the client’s products and value proposition.

Robust Reporting Capabilities – We provide our clients with robust reporting and campaign monitoring capabilities. SalesRoads will develop customized reports delivering our clients the data needed to monitor their lead generation campaign.

Top Performing Sales Professionals – Our sales professionals are top performers. Before becoming a SalesRoads sales agent they must complete a rigorous application and interview process. Our agents have strong business backgrounds and know how to create qualified leads.

In addition to lead generation, SalesRoads also offers B2B appointment settingonline demonstrations and sales outsourcing! Click the appropriate links to learn more.

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