How to Land an Appointment Setting Job (Guide + Salary)

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B2B appointment setters work as sales or business development representatives, filling companies’ pipelines with prospected leads. They reach out to decision-makers in other organizations via phone or email, scheduling meetings for a probable deal.

Aspiring salespeople can apply for appointment setting roles, as they present a great opportunity to launch a successful career. This position allows for building core sales skills for professional development while contributing to the organization’s goals through effective outreaches.

You can also apply for the role if you enjoy working from home. Appointment setting functions can be performed from any location and are ideal for individuals looking for remote job opportunities. 

Responsibilities of B2B Appointment Setters

Top B2B companies require a combination of training and experience for appointment setting roles. Understanding the responsibilities of this position can increase your chances of getting employed.

An appointment setter is responsible for:

  • Contacting prospective clients to schedule appointments;
  • Using lead data to customize outreaches;
  • Providing valuable product information for clients;
  • Following up on ‘no shows’ and nurturing warm leads;
  • Passing meeting notes to help account executives close deals;
  • Maintaining outreach logs and details of interactions with prospects;
  • Preparing activity reports for sales managers.

Skills to Develop for B2B Appointment Setting Jobs

Some skills are vital for appointment setting jobs, and prospective candidates can develop them for future roles in the sales industry. Key abilities to build for B2B appointment setting include:

  • Communication
  • Objection handling
  • Technical skills
  • Customer service
  • Organization


Communication lies at the core of B2B appointment setting, as you have to pass clear messages to succeed in this role. Practice and develop your public speaking and writing skills when preparing for this job.

As an appointment setter, you should present the organization’s value proposition in a clear and compelling way to win clients over. Having a complete understanding of your company’s products and services is essential to improve communication clarity.

Objection handling

Candidates that handle objections effectively excel at appointment setting jobs. Clients may reject meetings for various reasons, but you can learn to understand these issues and progress toward the deal. 

Objection-handling skills also help with following up on clients and navigating their pain points. 

Technical skills

Appointment setters use automation software for calls, emails, CRM, and task management. As an applicant, you can develop technical skills to efficiently carry out daily tasks using these tools. 

Tech software is also valuable for enhancing communication and collaboration among remote sales teams. Lacking technical skills may disqualify you from appointment setting jobs, as most companies use these products to improve productivity and conversion rates.

Customer service

Prospects often interact with appointment setters before talking to any other company employee. You should learn to listen to leads, uncover their pain points and position your company’s products and services as viable solutions to their needs. 

By providing excellent customer experiences, you increase the chances of converting prospects into clients.


Managers expect appointment setters to control the workload and perform their duties effectively with limited time. Recruiters prefer candidates that demonstrate strong time management skills for sales roles. 

Appointment Setter Salary

Appointment setter salaries range from $27,896 to $38,725 per year, according to the job boards below.  They also get performance bonuses, commissions, health insurance, and paid time off as additional compensation. 

Data sourceAverage Salary* $31,866
*not including additional compensation

How to Get a B2B Appointment Setting Job

Before applying as a B2B appointment setter, consider common requirements that recruiters place for these roles. These tips will help you plan and position yourself properly for the best jobs. 

Get the proper education

You need the right educational background to apply for a B2B appointment setter position. The minimum educational requirement for this role is a high school diploma, but you can do courses in English, marketing, or communication to boost your chances of getting hired. 

You can also take sales and business courses to develop skills in prospecting, objection handling, and customer relationship management. 

Gain valuable experience

Many businesses hire entry-level salespeople as appointment setters, but an experience in sales, marketing, or customer service will allow you to negotiate better compensation. You can take internships or retail associate roles to build communication and client support skills for the job.

Search job boards for appointment setting roles

Organizations post job vacancies daily on popular job boards. You can use these websites to find opportunities near you and apply to the ones that fit your profile. 

Before applying, look at each job requirement and update your resume with the skill set, educational background, and experience relevant to the position.

Prepare for interviews

If your resume and credentials match the requirements, you’ll attract recruiters and get invited for interviews. Researching common questions asked during sales job interviews and practicing your answers for them is a great strategy to get better prepared. 

Self-evaluate your confidence, tone, and responses, and improve weak areas before attending the interview. You can also reach out to current employees in the organization you’re applying to for tips for answering questions. 

Bottom Line

Appointment setting jobs are great if you are looking for a kickstart to your sales career. You can land one by growing the right skills and meeting recruiters’ requirements. 

Getting the best B2B appointment setting jobs requires a commitment to personal and professional development. Read through these tips, build core sales skills, and start applying for roles you fit in. 

All the best!

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